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Simon Berridge



What & where was your debut gig with The Sixteen?

Can’t remember! But I think it was a recording back in 1989. We used to regularly record in Orford. It was a beautiful and inspiring place to make a recording. It was also entertaining when it was windy, as you could hear the wind whistling through the roof when recording.

What’s been a memorable Sixteen gig & why?

SO many to choose from! Singing at the Brits was fun! Messiah in Sydney Opera House was memorable. Choral Pilgrimage performances in York are always memorable as it is the most amazing place to perform renaissance music.

What’s your favourite Sixteen recording?

I like the Pelham Humphrey/Chapel Royal recording. I also really like The ‘Renaissance’ disc and the disc with Kaori Muraji.

Where did you train/study?

I did a music degree at Trinity College Cambridge, where I was a choral scholar and then post-graduate studies at the Royal College of Music.

What are your hobbies and interests?

I have very little time for hobbies at the moment because I am busy with a new job as well as family and church commitments.
When I get a break I like to take my son fishing. ‘Heaven’ is standing on a beach in Dorset at sunset reeling in mackerel!
Otherwise, I enjoy pottering around the garden, watching films, visiting National Trust sites, bird watching and camping with my family.
Family is very important to me. As well as my wonderful wife, I have two, lovely, older daughters. Both are great singers. My son has just taken up the violin, and I have been trying to learn along with him! Maybe we will do grade 1 some time!
Singing with the Sixteen is also effectively spending time with mates. We have lots of fun and numerous games of cards!

What else do you do (professionally) when not singing with The Sixteen?

Last year I became Assistant Head of Milton Keynes Music Service. This has been a great experience for me. The job is huge. As well as teaching singing and taking choirs, I organise and run major musical events and tours and organise provision of music lessons in Milton Keynes Schools. The post has given me a great opportunity to share my singing skills with children and adults in the community.  I also continue to work with the amazing Paul Whittaker and ‘Music and the Deaf’ whenever I get the chance. I think this is really important work and I thoroughly enjoy it.

What football team do you support?

MK Dons? I’m a bit of a ‘dip in and out’ person.  We had a family sweepstake for the world cup. I have only been to one football match. That was St Albans City when I was growing up. I would like to take my son to a big match some time. Harry, Any chance of some tickets to see Arsenal?


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